Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ruth's Cushion

   Apologies for the extreme lack of posts on this blog!  As you will be aware if you read my other blog, Diary of a Coeliac's Mother you will be aware of how complicated life has been this year.  Fortunately both children are now on the road to recovery, and I am able to think a little more of things other than their health.

   So here is a cushion I finished back in July for my daughter.  She asked for unicorns, and I found these lovely unicorn patterns  at Sublime Stitching.  I adore this website, and have downloaded quite a few of the PDFs which are very reasonably priced.  The sakura blossoms were from a rubber stamp which I traced and trasnferred along with the rest of the pattern using a transfer pen.

   The little fox feltie is made using a pattern from Mollie Makes magazine.  This is currently my absolute favourite magazine.  So much inspiration and beautiful things to look at and make.  

   Sadly, what was initially thought to be a soft tissue injury to my thumb in January, was diagnosed in May as degenerative arthritis in the thumb/wrist joint.  It is rather debilitating, and was rather devestating to hear that it is probably going to get worse, not better.  I've had several steroid injections, but they haven't helped so I'm now awaiting referral to a rheumatologist to see if there's anything they can do, or if there's a underlying cause.  Along with many other things which have become difficult, embroidery has become almost impossible.  I'm really hoping that the rheumatologist can suggest something as I miss sewing so much!